Posted: 07/08/2020

A new service to connect buyers with producers

Missing those trade shows?

Too busy to pursue sales leads?

New retail customers getting lost in your inbox?

Fine Food Digest is here to help…

If a trade buyer sees the FFD Connect logo alongside a product in the September edition of Fine Food Digest (out now), all they have to do is call our team and request samples.

The team will be there to take the call (9.30-5:30). We won’t be in the production kitchen, the packing room or out on deliveries…

….and producers won’t miss an enquiry that could boost their balance sheet.

Contact for more information

FFD Connect

Interested buyers should call +44 (0) 1747 825 200 or use the form below to request samples for products featuring the FFD Connect logo in Fine Food Digest.
  • Please give details of the producer & product name for samples you would like to request. If you've seen this product in Fine Food Digest displaying an FFD Connect logo, then it would be helpful to have the page number, if possible.
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