Posted: 24/06/2015

Award-winning resealable retail bags launched in UK

Sacovitta resealable bags
The patented Sacovitta bags are available in leakproof, resealable and vac-pack versions

Spanish packaging producer Papeles El Carmen has launched a fresh food bagging system onto the UK market that it says “offers several advantages over traditional retail packaging”.

The patented Sacovitta range, which won a bronze excellence award at London’s Pro2Pac exhibition in March, can be used for fresh foods from fresh meat, fish, cheese and charcuterie to bakery products. It is also suitable for freezing.

Three formats are available. One is a leakproof bag with a tight, single-use adhesive seal, suitable for getting wet products such as fish home without incident. The leakproof closure means no secondary packaging is needed, but the bag cannot be re-used.

The second version is a resealable bag that can be opened and closed by the consumer several times, and can help extend the life of cheese or charcuterie in the domestic fridge by several days.

The third, Sacovitta Vacuum, can be used in combination with a vac-pack machine in-store or by a small producer to offer maximum shelflife. It also incorporates a resealable flap that can be used once the consumer has opened the vac-pack.

A leading Spanish manufacturer of customised flexible packaging, based in the Navarra region of northern Spain, Papeles El Carmen can also overprint the Sacovitta bags with customers’ logos.

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