What happens after you win a World Cheese award?

Are you already a World Cheese Award winner? Click here to request your logo artwork through your MyGuild account.

As well as our own campaigns we run through PR and the independent trade, we want you to be able to share your good news with everybody, whether online, on the shelves or in the local press.

These are some of the different ways we can help.

Logo Artwork

You can order logo artwork in various formats for use on your award-winning product’s packaging, or use it to promote your entry in your advertising.

You can view the logo artwork fee structure here.

Click here to order your logo artwork through your MyGuild account.

Please ensure brand guidelines are adhered to whenever World Cheese Awards logos are used.


You can order labels from us to add to your award winning products. They are suitable on various forms of packaging and can be stored at cooler temperatures.

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Free of charge certificates

All producers can download bespoke certificates for their award-winning entries which can be used on social media or framed for all to see.

Complimentary PR campaigns:

See below for free access to a press release template which can be completed by you and sent to your local paper to ensure that you get the most from your award.

The template will provide statistics that may be helpful to you when planning your own press release.

Coming soon:

WCA Press Release – English

WCA Nota de Prensa – Spanish


WCA Communiqué de Presse – French

WCA Comunicato Stampa – Italian

WCA Comunicado de Imprensa – Portuguese

WCA プレスリリース – Japanese

WCA Presseberichte – German

Advertorial opportunities

Fine Food Digest & Good Cheese and their associated supplements are essential reading and the “industry voice” for speciality food retailers and producers. 

Please click here to enquire about publication costings.


Promoting cheese sales

https://gff.co.uk/training/cheese/You may be interested to find out more about our Retail Cheese training programme; a course that will help your team gain the product knowledge, commercial insights and practical counter skills they need to sell more cheese. Please email bookings@gff.co.uk to speak to the team.


Through various collaborations with our extensive network, the Guild uses its profile and contacts to create learning and commercial opportunities for our producers.

Previous winner?

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For more information, please contact us.

Labels & Logos: fee structure and specifications

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