Posted: 15/05/2019

Bank trialling fingerprints to replace card PINs

A leading UK bank is testing debit and credit cards that use fingerprint recognition for authorising payments.

NatWest said its pilot programme using biometric fingerprint technology meant that PINs would not be required.

It is working with digital security company Gemalto along with Visa and Mastercard to bring the service to UK customers, incorporating fingerprint sensors on plastic cards.

Gemalto MD Howard Berg said: “Using a fingerprint rather than a PIN code to authorise transactions has many advantages, primarily enhanced security and greater convenience.” 

Cardholders could pay quickly and easily with just a touch, whatever the value of their purchases so they no longer needed to worry about the limit on contactless payment transactions.

Banks consider fingerprint payment to be the next logical extension to quick and easy payment after contactless. Facial and voice recognition are also expected to be part of the mix.

David Crawford, head of effortless payments at NatWest said: “This is the biggest development in card technology in recent years and we are excited to trial the service.”

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