Posted: 17/07/2015

Bavarian red is Yorkshire Show’s champion cheese

Rougette Bavarian Red cheese
The addition of paprika gives Rougette Bavarian Red its distinctive red-tinged rind

A German semi-soft cheese with a red-tinged rind was named Supreme Champion cheese at this week’s Great Yorkshire Show.

Rougette Bavarian Red is made by Kaserei Champignon, whose creamy blue Montagnolo Affiné took the Supreme Champion title at the 2013 World Cheese Awards.

The Bavarian maker is represented in the UK by Elite Imports, and its Rougette Bavarian Red is distributed here by Rowcliffe’s and Tom Walker & Sons.

The Yorkshire Show winner is described by Elite as “creamy, mild and buttery when young”, with a flavour that deepens as the cheese ages. The addition of paprika produces a distinctive reddish edible rind.

“This is a cheese full of character,” says Elite sales manager Mick Acuta, adding: “We have had an excellent response to this cheese this year, especially after its re-launch at IFE in March 2015.”

Supreme Dairy Product at the 157th Great Yorkshire Show, which attracted over 130,000 visitors to its Harrogate show ground over three days, was a raspberry, toffee & meringue ice cream from Ryeburn of Helmsley.

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