Posted: 24/11/2016

Belvoir releases ‘wines without the hangover’ for teetotal crowd

Belvoir new wine alternativesBelvoir Fruit Farms has developed a range of non-alcoholic wines including Shiraz, Rosé and Chardonnay.

The move comes in response to the rising trend in abstaining from alcohol, with one in five adults in the UK now being teetotal.

The wine “without the hangover” range includes a Rosé made from white and red grape juice that’s blended with raspberry, orange blossom and jasmine.

The Shiraz incorporates elderberry and blackcurrant alongside its red grape juice base, while the Chardonnay is made from white grape and peach juices, as well as elderflower and jasmine extracts.

Pev Manners, managing director for Belvoir Fruit Farms said that the wine alternatives have also been developed to emulate the texture and sensation of drinking wine. “We think that as more people adopt a healthier lifestyle the demand for drinks like these will grow,” he added.

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