Posted: 09/01/2017

Best Brands Survey results: Chocolate & confectionary

Best Brands Survey 2016 results - chocolate and confectionary
First place in the chocolate and confectionary category went to Montezuma’s

1st – Montezuma’s
2nd – Monty Bojangles
3rd – Divine Chocolate
4th – Charbonnel & Walker / Roccoco
5th – Green & Black’s

This is a fragmented category every year. While some retailers do well with high-end names (Charbonnel & Walker and Rococo), others prosper with brands you would find in any of the multiples (Divine, Green & Blacks).

Montezuma’s and Monty Bojangles fall somewhere in between these two groups, which explains their success. The former’s chocolate buttons were namechecked as a top seller by several survey respondents and it’s bars also remain popular.

However, no one brand dominated and there were a lot of regional brands gaining votes on their various patches.

For all the Best Brands results, view the digital edition online here.

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