Posted: 06/01/2017

Best Brands Survey results: Savoury snacks

Best Brands Survey 2016 results - savoury snacks
Piper’s Crisps took first place in the 2016 Best Brands Survey

1st – Pipers Crisps
2nd – Tyrell’s
3rd – Torres
4th – Burts

Every year Pipers’ standing over its rivals in the potato crisp business seems to get more commanding – and all without a single pack in the multiples.

And it’s not just the leader that other established crisp brands like Tyrrell’s and Burts need to watch out for. Spanish snack brand Torres, tipped by several retailers in last year’s edition to flourish, featured frequently among the surveys, especially its chips flavoured with black truffle.

Whether it was the aforementioned brands or other regional producers, potato crisps are the best-selling snack in most outlets and, by and large, consumers remain unadventurous when it comes flavours, opting for salted or salt & vinegar variants.

Other snacks that our surveyed retailers said sell well are salted almonds and hummus chips.

For all the Best Brands results, view the digital edition online here.

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