Posted: 01/03/2016

Blackacre campaign to lift the lid on “high-rise” egg production

Dan Wood Blackacre Farm EggsBlackacre Farm Eggs has launched a campaign to raise consumer awareness of the increasing use of “high-rise” multi-tier hen housing by some larger free range producers.

The No Multi-Tier Here campaign will see the Somerset-based producer spread the message about this industrialised method at exhibitions, in schools and online while contrasting it with its own single-tier system.

Dan Wood, who runs Blackacre Farm with wife Briony, told FFD that there was a real split between free range egg producers using single-tier and the multi-tier method, which could see as many as 64,000 birds housed under one roof in “the equivalent of high-rise urban living”.

“As demand increases and prices are continually driven down, it is becoming more difficult for smaller independent farmers, who want to remain true to traditional methods, to compete,” he said. “Our No Multi-Tier Here campaign is designed to raise awareness of the difference in these methods, so consumers can make an informed decision.”

The British Free Range Egg Producers Association, whose members range from small organic firms to large multi-tier operators, says neither system offers better welfare than the other. Stocking densities are the same and the birds are equally free to roam.

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