Posted: 11/11/2016

Brewery changes beer name after responsible labelling complaint

Jason Hill Eden Brewery
Eden Brewery’s managing director Jason Hill

Cumbria’s Eden Brewery will change the name of its Psycho range of beers following a complaint that said the name created an association with violent and aggressive behaviour.

The complaint, upheld by alcohol watchdog Portman Group, is believed to break the group’s code on responsible labelling of beer.

Although there is no obligation for Eden Brewery to change the name, Portman Group will send a notification to retailers advising them to not stock the range.

Jason Hill, managing director of Eden Brewery said he was disappointed to have to remove the name of the beer range launched just last year. “I do think there are legitimate questions to be asked about the fairness of an organisation which can put small businesses like ours in the position of having to make costly and time-consuming changes on the strength of just one complaint.”

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