Posted: 01/09/2020

Bucks deli crowdfunding for cheese emporium

Bucks deli No.2 Pound Street crowdfunding for cheese emporium
James Grant, left, with a contractor outside the storeroom

Buckinghamshire-based deli No.2 Pound Street is crowdfunding to raise cash to convert a 300-year-old storehouse behind the its shop in Wendover, Buckinghamshire, to save the business from the knock-on effects of COVID-19.

The cheese and wine specialist plans to purpose fit the currently unused building into a cheese and wine tasting room, a purpose-built cheese maturing facility and an event space for private hire.

James Grant, director of No.2, said: “The idea was born out of COVID-19. I was forced to think about how I can save my business and how I can keep my staff.

“This way we can also work with cheesemakers both locally and nationally to take more cheese off their hands which will support them.”

The plan will allow No.2 to teach about cheese as a recognised partner with the Academy of Cheese and wine in conjunction with The Wine and Spirit Education Trust. Additionally, the building of a cheese maturing facility will make the shop the first of its kind in the UK. “Our product range can become enhanced and will make us the preferred choice for cheese lovers and businesses needing first-class cheese boards,” said Grant.

The plan has been backed by figures across the industry including food writer Jenny Linford and Irish chef Richard Corrigan who hope the scheme will help to save British cheese from the economic effects of losing the restaurant trade during lockdown.

“It’s a very tough time for British cheese,” said Linford. “We should be buying and eating more cheese, and to do that we need more cheesemongers so I’m all for James’ plan to expand No.2 as it will help him stock and sell more cheese.”

Grant is raising funds on and hopes to bring in up to £39,000 for the project. 

“We’re really excited about it,” said Grant. “We want to preserve our team, we want to preserve small cheesemakers and indie winemakers and we want to bring something to the community.

We’ve got the go-ahead, now we just need the investment.”

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