Posted: 27/10/2016

Calabrian olive oil brand seeks UK listings

Oro Calabrian olive oils
Oro Don Vincenzo olive oils are seeking new UK stockists

An Italian olive oil producer in business for nearly a century is making its first forays into the UK market with a trio of extra virgin oils with different uses.

Although the business behind Calabria-based Oro Don Vincenzo has been producing oils in Calabria since 1919, the brand is only five years old and is now seeking stockists in the UK.

Oro Don Vincenzo describes its Il Classico oil as gentle and suggests applying it to recipes that would otherwise be overpowered by strong flavours, such as fish dishes, light salads, baking and mayonnaise. It comes in 250 ml (wholesale £5.00), 500 ml (£7.30), 750 ml (£10.80) bottles.

The medium-flavoured Lametia oil is a Protected Designation of Origin product and is suitable for all uses. Prices range from £6.20 for 250ml to £14.40 for 750 ml.

Also available in three bottle sizes, the Bio Organic oil is the most robust of the three oils and works well with steaks and soups but is also good as a dipping oil.

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