Posted: 10/08/2015

Cambus O’May cheese-maker bids for Protected Food Name status

Cambus O’May cheese
PFN status would herald the return of a Scottish artisan cheese that disappeared for a generation, says the maker’s owner, Alex Reid

Scottish artisan cheese-maker Cambus O’May Cheese Co has launched a bid for EU Protected Food Name (PFN) status for its signature product.

The move was announced by Scottish Food Secretary Richard Lochhead last week.

It would give legal protection to the Ballater-based company’s Cambus O’May, a hand-pressed two-day curd cheese based on a traditional recipe.

“Achieving PFN status for our signature cheese will not only put our company firmly on the world cheese map, but also the North East of Scotland, owner Alex Reid said.

“The cheese was lost for a generation in the 1960s but PFN status would more than herald its successful return.”

Lochhead said EU protection guaranteed the food’s provenance and supported local producers.

“The PFN scheme can benefit producers of brands synonymous with Scotland by providing them with recognition of their product and safeguarding it from imitation, and I would encourage more producers in Scotland to look at taking this forward,” he said.

Scottish products already safeguarded under the PFN scheme include Scotch Beef, Arbroath Smokies, Orkney Black Pudding, Orkney Scottish Island Cheddar, Teviotdale cheese and – the most recent addition – Traditional Ayrshire Dunlop Cheese. A total of 64 UK-made products have PFN status.

The latest move comes shortly after Scotland unveiled the launch of a new Scottish dairy brand to boost the production and marketing of Scottish-made dairy produce.

Cambus O’May is supporting the brand. General manager Ian Wilson said it would advance the overall value of Scottish cheese in both domestic and international markets.

“We are always looking to expand south of the border, but it is hard work because there is lots of competition and we’re up against some very good cheese,“ he said.

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