Posted: 07/08/2018

Cannabis-beer High Flyer launches in the UK

High FlyerCreators of a new cannabis beer have said the product is not a novelty and will not get you high – but it does offer a range of health benefits.

Manchester-based firm CBD Ultra and sister business Cloud 9 Brewing has produced a 4.3% Session IPA infused with Cannabis extract called High Flyer, which it is now seeking listings for in independent shops.

“There are a lot of quirky flavoured beers out there now, but this isn’t actually a crazy beer,” said founder and MD Carl Boon. “Consumers can drink this as any other craft beer, but the CBD aspect of it gives you that relaxing sensation.”

Cannabidiol or CBD is a health supplement used to treat illnesses, such as depression and muscle pain.

Although High Flyer contains CBD, drinkers won’t feel the ‘high’ associated with cannabis as it doesn’t contain the psychoactive compound THC.

Instead, consumers will feel the “entourage effect”, a bodily state that magnifies the therapeutic benefits of the Cannabis plant.

The cloudy, amber IPA is one of the first Cannabis-infused beers to enter the UK market. A blonde ale brewed with cannabis oil called Buffalo Soldier from the Stockton Brewing Company was also launched earlier this year.

Although pitching to on-trade stockists, Cloud 9 Brewing is also looking at independent retailers and bottle shops for the new products.

“We [CBD Ultra] were one of the first CBD companies in the UK,” said Boon. “We found there was a pushback initially against CBD, but in the last 6 months we’ve seen huge interest and demand for it.”

Public interest in CBD has grown in recent months, with the number of consumers buying cannabidiol rising from 125,000 to more than 250,000 in the past year.

But there is still some controversy around the Cannabis-products which are regulated heavily by Government bodies and the Food Standards Agency.

Boon said the company is a member of the Cannabis Trade Association (CTA) to work with the government to ensure all its cannabis products are fully traceable.

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