Posted: 02/04/2014

Cawston Press launches first canned drinks

Cawston Press Cloudy Apple and Rhubarb cansApple juice specialist Cawston Press has set it sights on tripling its turnover over the next three years following the launch of its first canned soft drinks.

The £6m firm has launched cloudy apple and rhubarb drinks in 330ml cans (single cans 99p, six packs £4.99), which it is pitching as an alternative to “overly sweet, additive-packed and made-from-concentrate” soft drinks.

Cawston Press sales director Dan Broughton said: “There’s a major opportunity to fulfil growing consumer demand with a healthier, more natural, soft drink offering.

“There is little opportunity for consumers to choose a sparkling can that contains genuinely high quality natural ingredients with decent amounts of not-from-concentrate fruit.”

Cawston’s new additions are both made with pressed apple juice and sparkling water.

Single cans will be available from Whole Foods, As Nature Intended and Planet Organic, while six packs have already been listed in Waitrose and Booths.

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