Posted: 03/03/2015

Cheese Cellar returns to roots and renames itself Harvey & Brockless

Harvey and Brockless logo
Harvey & Brockless is the new name of Cheese Cellar

Producer and distributor Cheese Cellar has reverted to its original trading name, Harvey & Brockless, and rebranded to reflect the nature of its multi-category business.

The company, which has traded in various guises since the 1970s, will retain the Cheese Cellar name as its dairy brand alongside its Mediterranean deli foods brand Dell’Ami and food manufacturing arm Huge Sauce.

Harvey and Brockless structure
Harvey & Brockless will be the company’s trading name but all of its previous brands, including Cheese Cellar, and divisions will be retained

Cheese Cellar will now be split into three divisions. Cheese Cellar Artisan will cover wholesaling of cheeses from British and Continental artisan makers while Cheese Cellar Dairy will be responsible for the company’s own farmhouse cheeses made at Bromhall Farm in Worcester.

All other cheese and dairy products will be handled by Cheese Cellar Essentials while any other speciality foods – such as Ponthier chilled fruit purées and Valrhona chocolate – will be handled by a separate section of the company.

Since it was first bought by Frank Day in 1970, Harvey & Brockless has grown from a small Sussex cheese wholesaler into a nationwide business with 400 staff.

It has been through several names changes, including H & B Food Ltd and The Huge Cheese Company, before being bought by an Icelandic business in 2006.

It was subsequently bought back by its three directors – Jonnie Archer, Nick Martin and Simon Yorke (Frank Day’s step-grandson) – in 2009 before adopting the Cheese Cellar name. Nicky Philp was promoted to the company’s board in 2012 as purchasing director.

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