Posted: 19/04/2019

Clodagh McKenna – My Magic Ingredient

Chef and food writer Clodagh McKenna explains what makes Nielsen-Massey’s rose water such a valuable ingredient in the kitchen.

I discovered rose water quite a few years back while reading through a Moroccan cookbook. I was intrigued by its exoticness, and, soon after, started experimenting with it in recipes. There are lots of different brands of rose water available (and believe me, I have tried many), but the best in my opinion is Nielsen-Massey. 

The floral flavour of rose water is very delicate. It is delicious whipped into melted dark chocolate in a decadent chocolate mousse or used to make rose water pistachio chocolate Florentines – one of my favourites from my new book Clodagh’s Suppers. Rose water is also sensational in a raspberry pavlova, or simply folded into whipped cream to add a bit of magic to a dessert. 

On a savoury note, I have mixed it with harissa which I then use to marinate a chicken, before serving it with spiced and herby couscous. It made me feel like I was back in Morocco! 

This story appeared in the April issue of Fine Food Digest. You can read more on the digital edition here.

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