Posted: 10/08/2015

Co Antrim’s Broughgammon extends kid meat range with smoked bacon


Broughgammon cabrito smoked bacon
Smoked cabrito bacon is the latest addition to Broughgammon Farm’s kid meat range

Northern Irish artisan producer Broughgammon Farm has launched a smoked ‘cabrito’ or kid meat bacon, produced in its recently opened smokery on the Cole family farm near Ballycastle, Co Antrim.

The new line joins the firm’s established back and streaky goat meat bacons, which have been sold in both Northern Ireland and the Republic for several years. They are made with meat from male kid goats bought from the dairy sector, where goats’ milk and cheese producers previously struggled to dispose of unwanted males.

Broughgammon Farm director of sales Sandy Cole said: “We recognised some time ago that we needed to be developing different products to build on the level of interest.

“Bacon is basically a cured product that can be developed from any meat. In addition to the smoked, back and streaky bacons, we offer lardons for pancetta.”

While goat meat is a staple food in other cultures, it has only recently begun gaining popularity in the UK mainstream, often as a healthier, low fat, low cholesterol option to other red meats.

“We’ve been producing cabrito for about four years now and interest among chefs and the wider public has been increasing steadily,” said Cole.

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