Posted: 10/06/2020

Contactless door opening device to help reduce spread of COVID-19

Contactless door opening device the No Hands Door Pull is set to help stop spread of COVID-19
The No Hands Door Pull in action

One Edinburgh retailer, Craigie’s, has installed an innovative way to reduce contact when entering and exiting the farm shop.

The No Hands Door Pull is a small stainless-steel device that can be screwed to the bottom of a door to allow opening with only your feet, eliminating the risk of spreading COVID by repeated touching of door handles.

As reported by CBS News, a single employee infected with coronavirus touching one door handle can infect 40-60% of their colleagues in the workplace.

Owner of Craigie’s John Sinclair said: “I saw these things out in Canada in March when I was on holiday just before the crisis started and, when I got home, I thought how good they would be during the outbreak.”

After searching for a supplier in the UK his options were limited, but then Sinclair saw that the owner of Devon theme park The Big Sheep, Rick Turner, had started manufacturing the novel system.

Craigie’s installed the devices on all of its doors

“We ordered a load and fitted them right away along with some instructional stickers, and they’ve been well received by staff and customers,” said Sinclair. “It’s a really simple idea but it goes a long way to demonstrate that you’re continuingly making changes to keep everyone safe.”

The owner of the newly launched No Hands Door Pull, Rick Turner said the idea came when he was thinking of ways to keep his theme park open safely in light of coronavirus.

“The first thing we needed to address was the doors, as that’s a focal point of people touching, and propping all our fire doors open wasn’t an option,” he said. 

“I was talking to a friend who had seen these door pulls out in Canada and had a look online and realised how easy they would be to have made over here. So I got an engineering company who laser cut steel to get to work making them.”

Since the business launched around a month ago, Turner has sold hundreds of units to various businesses and he said they have been received really well.

“It’s about public perception,” he said. “When businesses reopen, we need to be seen to be doing everything we possibly can to make our customers feel safe.”

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