Posted: 13/04/2017

Cottage Delight adds a splash of gin to classic preserves

Orange Marmalade with GinCottage Delight has launched two new preserves made with gin to tap into the growing popularity of the spirit and appeal to younger consumers.

The orange marmalade with gin (RRP £2.95) can be used as an alternative filler for sponge cakes, whilst the lemon curd with gin (RRP £3.75) is designed to emulate the flavours of the gin and tonic drink.

Cottage Delight hopes to encourage younger consumers to discover the traditional British breakfast accompaniment, after a recent survey revealed that 60% of marmalade sales attributed to the over 65’s.

“Marmalade has always been a strong category for the company,” said marketing manager Chloe Challinor. “However, our NPD team recognised that marmalade isn’t always a considered choice by the younger generation and has responded with this new option to inspire younger foodies.”

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