Posted: 29/08/2018

Dark spirits are new target for start-up mixer brand

Dark spiritsDark spirits are the sole focus for a start-up mixer brand entering the UK drinks market.

Long Tail, which launched in May with a trio of flavours, is pitching itself as a lighter mixer to pair with dark rums, bourbons, whiskies and Scotch blends.

The newcomer hopes to replicate successful brands like Fever-Tree and Double Dutch, which produce a range of tonics and mixers to pair with gins.

While there are already dark spirit mixers in the market, co-founder Alex Jollivet said Long Tail is the first mixer brand to specifically target this segment of drinkers.

“There are lots of new dark spirits entering the market but few premium mixers to pair them with,” said Jollivet, who developed the brand with long-time university friend Thomas Wiggett.

“Unless you spend £15 on a cocktail that has rum, bourbon or whisky in it, the only mixers available are Ginger Beer or Coca Cola,” he added, “both of which can be very sugary and mask the flavour of the spirits.”

The initial range comes in three flavours: Island Spice, Blood Orange, and Ginger Lime. Jollivet recommends serving them with one shot of a dark spirit so that it can be identified in the mixer.

“We consider ginger lime to be our entry into the market,” said Jollivet. “It’s a crowd pleaser as it’s our own take on a Ginger Beer but it has a reduced sugar content.”

It is made with lime zest, chai spices and a softer Jamaican-style ginger which offers a fresher, less fiery version of a ginger ale.

“People have asked us if we will make our own cola but we want to bring new serves to the market, not try and compete with a huge brand like Coca Cola,” said Jollivet.

Long Tail has already partnered with rum producers and Jollivet said they are all hoping dark spirits will be the next boom in the drinks industry following in the footsteps of gin and tonic. “There is already a lot of talk out there that it could be,” he said.


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