Posted: 17/08/2022

Dark Woods Coffee delivers 6kg re-usable cans to B2B customers

The 6kg cans can be used at least 10 times and are 100% recyclable

B-Corp certified Dark Woods Coffee is continuing to improve its environmental credentials with the introduction of returnable, refillable coffee cans to replace the 1kg laminate packaging delivered to its B2B customers.

Inspired by a similar system used by Imbibe Coffee Roasters in Dublin, and informed by its Circular Economy plan, the company came up with the 6kg cans, comprised of a kraft paper fibre drum and reusable lid, metal clasp and wrap.

Co-founder Damian Blackburn told FFD that the format will significantly reduce packaging waste by offering at least 10 re-uses, and by virtue of being 100% recyclable, including the replaceable components.

The cans will be delivered to and picked up from local businesses including cafés, delis, farm shops and zero-waste retailers using an electric van or electric cargo bike.

All core ranges of its hand-roasted speciality coffee will be available in the new format.

Starting rollout in its immediate locality – The Colne Valley, Huddersfield and over the Pennines into Saddleworth – it will continue across its most accessible city regions in Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

Where delivery and collection isn’t feasible for Dark Woods’ customers further afield, it is replacing its 1kg bags with home compostable packaging.

Each of the can’s journeys will be tracked using a QR code and reuse data collection firm Reath software, in order to log the number of uses, distances and location of the cans and ultimately measure their carbon footprint in contrast with the company’s more traditional packaging and delivery options.

Written by Tanwen Dawn-Hiscox

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