Posted: 04/02/2015

Dart Mountain produces Northern Ireland’s first Alpine-style cheese

Dart Mountain Cheese KilcreenDart Mountain Cheese has laid claim to Northern Ireland’s first Alpine-style speciality cheese with the arrival of its third creation.

The pasteurised cows’ milk Kilcreen is washed by cheese-maker Julie Hickey with brine and whey during a maturation process that varies between four and nine months.

“A variety of cultures are added into the milk including a propionic bacteria which is gas producing and is what causes the holes or ‘eyes’ that are characteristic of Alpine-style cheeses,” said Hickey of Kilcreen, which is based on an Emmental recipe. “The flavour I would describe as nutty and, at four months, relatively mild,” she added.

Originally from Massachussetts in the USA, Hickey runs Dart Mountain with her husband Kevin on a small rural estate Dungiven, Co Derry.

She also produces Sperrin Blue and Dart Mountain Dusk while the Hickeys also run a sister business Tamnagh Foods, which has recently gained a listing for its granola with Harrods.

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