Posted: 08/04/2020

Delishops and Hider to launch ready-made online shops for independents

E-commerce provider Delishops has teamed up with Hider Foods to offer independent retailers an online shopping platform that will allow them to sell hundreds of the distributor’s products without having to handle them.

Hider Delishops

Brought forward to launch in May in light of the coronavirus crisis, the concept sees retailers pay a monthly subscription for their own branded “delishop”, where they can list their own products along with a large range of pre-stocked items from Hider’s catalogue.

All of the Hider products are dispatched direct from the distributor’s warehouse to the consumer, with the retailer making 15% on each item sold.

“This allows retailers to continue to offer products to, and make a living from, their customers without needing to hold stock or dispatch goods, or even open their doors,” said Delishops founder Charlie Turnbull, adding that a Click & Collect facility could also be introduced once the restrictions on public movement were relaxed.

“For now, we are focusing only on retailer partnerships, even though there will be many customers who aren’t near participating retailers. 

“We need to help the businesses of today survive and grow. This online network will help keep customers engaged with Britain’s independent food retail sector.”

Delishops plans to broadcast a new ‘adopt-a-deli’ hashtag on social media, to encourage people to buy with an independent via this new concept, even if they aren’t local to it.

Prior to launch, Delishops and Hider want to hear from any retailers that are interested in using this new platform.

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