Posted: 12/12/2016

Demijohn release line of grown-up cordials for dry January

demijohn's cordials
Demijohn’s new line of cordials include lemon & mint, rhubarb & ginger and raspberry

The independent ‘liquid deli’ group Demijohn has launched a line of handmade cordials designed with the teetotal drinker in mind.

The three flavours include rhubarb & ginger, lemon & mint, and raspberry, all designed to be made into long drinks with still or sparkling water.

Demijohn’s Angus Ferguson says: “They are designed to be drunk in the place of a glass of wine and represent the final piece of the hosting jigsaw that we are all missing.”

The cordials come in 500ml bottles and have an RRP of £9.25.

Demijohn also have a Scottish made tonic water, Walter Gregor’s Tonic which is made at Peathill in Aberdeanshire. The tonic water comes in a 4 bottle pack with an RRP of £8.80.

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