Posted: 01/03/2016

Devon-made dairy-free avocado ice cream exceeds expectations

Fravocado rangeA Devon start-up has developed a range of avocado-based ice creams as a dairy-free alternative to more traditional versions of the frozen dessert, but it is proving just as popular with consumers who don’t have dietary requirements.

“We originally aimed ourselves at the dairy-free and vegan market but I have been very surprised that the people who’ve purchased it aren’t going for it because it is dairy-free,” said Becky Osborne, the creator of Fravocado.

Disappointed with her options after switching to a dairy-free diet, ice cream lover Osborne developed a recipe from avocado and coconuts using agave nectar and vanilla as a sweetener.

She now has her three retail-ready flavours – original avocado, avocado & raw cacao nibs and avocado, raspberry & basil swirl – which were shown to the trade at The Source show in Exeter last month.

All three come in 100ml and 500ml tubs (RRPs £2.25 and £6.25 respectively).

Osborne is now seeking a distributor and further retail listings after receiving multiple enquiries at the show.

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