Posted: 17/10/2016

Distributor Cotswold Fayre double range of chilled products

Cotswold Fayre Sam Guarino
Cotswold Fayre’s new chilled business development manager Sam Guarino

Cotswold Fayre is expanding its chilled operations by doubling the range to 240 products from 35 fine food brands.

The Reading based fine food distributor has also installed a new chilled business development manager, Sam Guarino who said weekly orders have doubled over the past month thanks to the broader range.

“Our customers are seeking to save time and ordering complexity by reducing the number of individual suppliers, and this is particularly true in chilled,” said Guarino. “The expansion of our chilled offering, allows them to accelerate these consolidation plans and also provides a broad range of products from a variety of different suppliers.”

The larger chilled range is currently available for delivery throughout London, Surrey, Sussex, Northamptonshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

However, the company have recently opened a chilled warehouse in Northampton which will allow them to expand their delivery area in the future.

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