Posted: 01/09/2018

Divine Chocolate goes organic with new range of bars

Divine ChocolateFairtrade company Divine Chocolate hopes to build on its commitment to mission-driven business with the launch of an organic range of dark chocolate bars in new-look packaging.

The collection, consisting of five varieties of 80g bars, uses cocoa sourced from a co-operative on the West African island of São Tomé, which ensures farmers have more control over their crops and sales. 

Divine said it conducted market research before developing the new bars and found that consumers wanted their chocolate to have a high cocoa percentage, less sugar, good flavour and be from a sustainable source.

The five bars include one 95% plain dark variety and four flavoured bars with 85% cocoa (turmeric & ginger, blueberry & popped quinoa, lemon, and cocoa nibs) using ingredients typically sought out by consumers for their health benefits.

“There’s a big opportunity to attract new customers with the organic range,” said sales director Chris Noel. “With consumers becoming more mindful of health trends, this new line taps into the growing desire for more healthful treats.”

São Tomé’s cocoa beans, which are Fairtrade and organic-certified, are said to have an “intense, distinctive, heady and rich cocoa flavour” ideal to create a high cocoa, flavoured chocolate bar.

The packaging is also a brand-new look for the company from its previous lines. The organic range still maintains the signature gold embossed Divine logo and pattern layout, but each bar has a pastel colour palette and hand-print design corresponding to the different flavour combinations.

“We wanted to let the ingredients speak for themselves,” said PR and marketing manager Zoe Hall, “while highlighting that the range is premium, natural and high in cocoa.”

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