Posted: 02/03/2017

Divine Chocolate pays dividend to its cocoa farmers in Ghana

Divine Chocolate pays dividend to farmersDivine Chocolate has announced a rise in profits in its 2015-16 accounts and distributed a dividend to the farmers of the Kuapa Kokoo co-operative in Ghana.

Divine Chocolate Chair, Jamie Hartzell, said profit for the year was up 38%, which meant the chocolate company could again pay a dividend to its co-owner Kuapa Kokoo.

The Kuapa Kokoo co-operative are 44% shareholders in Divine Chocolate and is the largest cocoa farmer’s co-op in the world.

In addition to the income from cocoa, the Fairtrade premium, and this distributed profit, the Kuapa Kokoo farmers also benefit from investment of 2% of Divine’s annual turnover, which is put into projects that address gender equality, good governance, and model farming practice.

The news comes following the Divine Chocolate AGM where two new Board members were welcomed; David Croft, global sustainable development director at Diageo; and Cheryl Pinto, values led sourcing manager at Ben & Jerry’s.

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