Posted: 07/12/2020

Enzyme innovation creates first bee-free vegan ‘honey’

By harnessing one of the enzymes used by bees to transform plant-based sugars into honey, Bsweet has developed what the manufacturer says is the first vegan ‘honey’. 

Enzyme innovation leads to bee-free vegan honey

Now on the market in the UK under the brand name LIKEaB, the honey replacement is created by inverting raw cane sugar with the enzyme ‘invertase’ – which is activated by adding a yeast culture – and then adding natural, organic floral flavourings to create the honey taste.

“We have a natural, biological method of making invertase enzyme, which, when mixed with a yeast and first-press cane sugar – retaining all the natural goodness of the sugar cane plant, creates a vegan honey alternative,” said Alan Sheppard of Bsweet UK, the company behind LIKEaB. 

“We then add 0.15% of a natural flavour which allows the palate to recognise the honey taste.”

A group of Brazilian biochemists stumbled upon the discovery while working with enzymes to develop a biodegradable plastic. They discovered they could create large volumes of the invertase enzyme and the idea for a more true-to-life vegan honey was born.

The new product is certified vegan and organic and, the manufacturer reports, has had consumers convinced they are tasting real honey.

LIKEaB honey replacement is set to have a trade price of £27.24 for 6x300g jars or 1x300g for £4.54, with an RRP of £7.95 per jar.

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