Posted: 20/06/2019

First taste of cured meats from native Irish Dexters

Ireland’s Killenure Castle, home of the world’s largest herd of pure-bred Dexter cattle, has released the first charcuterie made from the diminutive beef breed.

Killenure’s owner Eavaun Carmody has spent years researching the Dexter to confirm its roots in Co Tipperary, where it was developed as a small, tough “poor man’s cow” by crossing Kerry cows, Anglesey Welsh and the local free-roaming mountain cattle.

Working with other local farmers, she has built up a herd of around 800 animals and begun developing a range of luxury Dexter products, from a highly marbled beef that she has dubbed “Irish wagu” to leather goods made from the tanned hides.

Her Killenure Castle single-estate Dexter salami and chorizo are her first venture into charcuterie, produced for her by Olivier Beaujouan at On The Wild Side in Dingle.

This story appeared in the June issue of Fine Food Digest. You can read more on the digital edition here.

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