Posted: 11/02/2021

Five ways to build your brand without splashing out on Facebook advertising

Five ways to build your brand without splashing out on Facebook advertising

AJ Sharp, communications consultant and managing director of Sharp Relations, tells you how to build your brand without resorting to expensive online advertising

A brand is an instantly recognisable label for your shop or product range. But how do you build your brand? 

Not through Facebook or Google Ads, that’s certain. When pay-per-click is the same value as the margin on your product, you’re really just spinning in circles.  

It is imperative that your communications strategy links back to the objectives of the business. 

Only with a great actionable plan can you engender loyalty, encourage repeat sales and build a brand which can withstand any storm.

Be strategic

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to review and tweak your business objectives, which will guide your communications activities, but you can do this at any point in the year. 

Whether you want to reach a new customer demographic, repoint your trade product for consumers, or launch something new, all your communications should work cooperatively.

Social media

Choose wisely. Great content on one or two platforms is far more influential than poor content spread across every platform. 

Do make sure you reply to comments, though. It’s all about being social.

Press coverage

Give interviews, share new product launches, offer opinions, write guest articles and enter awards. 

Press coverage gives gravitas and credibility like no other form of marketing.

Build your brand family 

Know who your customers are and how to reach them. Use well-timed newsletters, appropriate content and digital tribes to reach out and share relevant news and offers.

Get better photography

You should be having new professional shots re-taken regularly, at least twice a year, if not more frequently. 

Every single section of marketing requires decent high-res photography. 

Retailers, particularly those with a food offering need new shots every time the menu is tweaked. 

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