Posted: 21/12/2016

Food industry predictions 2017

Modern twists on classic dishes could be big in 2017 according to hospitality consultant Daniel Gill

2017 will see unprocessed grains rise to the fore along with refreshed retro classics like coronation chicken and salad nicoise according to hospitality consultant Daniel Gill.

The founder of Leeds based events company Dine also predicts the bowl to become the serving vessel of choice with a growing consumer interest in dishes like acai bowls, Hawaiian poke and Korean bibimbap.

Gill also thinks the vegetable will continue to transition from being a side dish to becoming the main event of a meal, while initiatives to minimise food waste will also be on the uptake.

Perhaps the most interesting of Gill’s predictions is that as the falling pound makes value for money abroad harder to come by, Britons could choose to spend more of their disposable income eating out more frequently.

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