Posted: 31/10/2016

Ford Farm launches truffle flavoured cheese

Truffler from Ford Farm
Truffler is a new cheese from Dorset’s Ford Farm that uses black truffles in its production

Dorset’s Ford Farm has released its newest cheese, truffler. Made to a traditional west country cheddar recipe, the cheese is initially aged for around six months before being blended with a black truffle and mushroom salsa, as well as a black truffle flavoured oil.

Ford Farm say the resulting medium to mature cheddar is infused with the unmistakable earthy and heady flavour of truffles.

“The saltiness of the cheddar combines really well with the powerful truffle flavor,” said head cheesemaker, Martin Crabb. “Truffler definitely packs a punch and will provide a very different addition to the Christmas Cheeseboard.”

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