Posted: 25/10/2019

Former Dean & Deluca man to open new Market Table store

More than 18 months after American retailer Dean & Deluca pulled the plug on a flagship London store, the man who was leading that project is now set to unveil his own retail concept in the Capital.

John Barton, who was previously Dean & Deluca’s COO, is set to open a site within a stone’s throw of the O2 Arena under a new brand called Market Table in October. His intention is that this will be the first in a series of outlets.

The first premises, located in 4,000 sq ft at the foot of a residential building in the New London development area on the Greenwich peninsula, will feature a retail area as well as an 80-cover restaurant.

The retail side will incorporate cheese and charcuterie counters, a bakery, counters serving hot and cold sandwiches, a salad bar and an espresso bar that can serve customers both inside the shop and via a door to the street – not to mention around 2,000 ambient grocery lines.

Barton told FFD that Market Table would be pitched at a similar level to other London independents, like Bayley & Sage and Sourced Market, but he had also drawn inspiration from the way Ottolenghi’s outlets operate as well as his decade at Dean & Deluca.

“But I don’t think there’s anybody doing exactly what we’re doing here,” he said, adding that the focus across the business would be on showcasing seasonal food and a high percentage of lines sourced from the British Isles.

“I’ve got chefs that are going to show you there’s more than one thing you can do with Brussels Sprout,” he added.

Barton said that he had remained in contact with landlords from his time working on Dean & Deluca’s abandoned entry into the London retail scene and had designs on opening at a variety of locations across the city. He said that the New London site was the ideal place to launch his concept, though.

“It’s an £8.4bn development, there’s potential for up to 13,000 residents and businesses,” he said. “And there’s footfall from the O2, so there’s already enough business for me to hit the ground running.”

Barton, who has invested his own money in the project along with several silent investors, said he was targeting as many as nine further sites in the next five years.

This story appeared in the October-November issue of Fine Food Digest. You can read more on the digital edition here.

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