Posted: 17/09/2014

Glynn Christian’s pick of S&FFF 2014

Speciality and Fine Food Fair 2014Veteran food writer, Great Taste judge and deli expert GLYNN CHRISTIAN loves nothing more than searching the stands at Speciality & Fine Food Fair for what he calls the ‘Gosh Factor’. Here are the products that caught his eye and his palate at the 2014 show:

Assam oolong tea: once, semi-fermented oolongs were resolutely from Taiwan or south east China. Now, even Darjeeling makes oolong styles but this bold brew is totally

Austrian pumpkin seed oil: Amazing deep nutty flavour and rich, dark green mahogany look. Family produced by traditional methods. Recommended for revisiting if you tried it but had forgotten

Bekaert’s apple butters: Apple butter (Sirop de Liege) is a Belgian heritage reduction of apple, pear and date juice. Biscuitbutter newly mixes it with crushed cinnamon-spice coffee biscuits (spekuloos). Totally addictive.

Bergamot marmalade: From Reggio Calabria, a unique production area for the fragrant citrus that also scents true Earl Grey tea. They do a wild orange marmellata,

Brisi honey: New combinations from remarkable Sardinian honey-maker Davide Brisi include asphodel with walnut and thistle with hazelnuts. Both bring edgy bitterness to new honey

Campino di Bufala: A buffalo-milk, pressed cacciotacheese with fragrant fennel seeds that’s also available with chillies or black peppercorns. Cheese counter originality from

Coconut Chilli: Four original ready-to-heat meals on a base of basmati rice, recreating traditions of the great Hill Stations of Southern India. Great ingredients and presentation.

Favarger chocolates: Heritage recipes from this 1826 Swiss company twisted to today’s palates, all with raw cane sugar. Intense cacao from Sao Tome with muscovado sugar and a subtle liquorice after-taste was my winner.

Hifas de Terra: Spanish chocolate bars with mushrooms! Meaty, amazing, delicious and what a dinner party talking point.

Pinkster Gin
Pinkster Gin is just one of the products that caught Glynn Christian’s eye

Mayca: An ancient, caramelised sauce from northern Mexico made with goats’ milk, cane sugar and vanilla – that doesn’t taste of goats. A spread, filling, pancake topping and much more.

Mirabilia olive-leaf tea: An Italian tradition brought to a wider world. Great antioxidant and other health claims and very delicious to drink, hot or cold. From an English-owned olive grove in Abruzzo.

Pinkster Gin: This Valentine-pink gin macerated with raspberries, is destined to be the hit of next summer’s season of polo, racing, rowing and royalty.

Rubis: A luscious chocolate and fortified red-tempranillo grape wine that will change every idea you entertain of what a dessert wine might be. Ambient or chilled.

Sorrel cordial: A traditional bright red beverage base from Trinidad. Based on what others call sorelle or hibiscus and spiced with cinnamon and lots of cloves. A new taste to most.

Truede chocolate teaspoons: Why didn’t anyone do this before? Packs of chocolate teaspoons, three dark, three milk. Brilliant.

Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin: The original rhubarb stools came from Queen Victoria’s garden and are now grown the old-fashioned, kitchen garden way on Crown Estate-owned land. Great martini mixing possibilities.

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