Posted: 24/06/2019

Goupie goes completely vegan friendly and gluten-free

Confectionery company Goupie can now categorically say its products are completely dairy- and gluten-free following an overhaul at its factory and modification of its recipes.

The Kent-based producer – which produces 18 varieties of free-from chocolates – said the factory itself is now not allowing any dairy or gluten onto the premises in a bid to minimise risk of cross-contamination. 

They have also created a new testing schedule to periodically test their products at random, giving further confidence to the consumer.

Brand manager Grace Simpson said the decision was a natural progression for the company in its bid to become a market leader in affordable, luxury confectionery.

“Nowadays, labels can feel very confusing,” said Simpson, “with ‘may contain’ warnings and loopholes in labelling requirements, which means that even vegan products can contain traces of dairy.

“Instead of ‘may contain’ warnings, we now clearly state what our factory does and does not handle,” she added. 

The company has also completely revamped its packaging and website to try to better inform its customers. The entire range is now presented in colour co-ordinated branding to be more easily recognisable. 

“Now we’re confident that customers will be able to tell at a glance what they’re buying,” said Simpson.

This story appeared in the June issue of Fine Food Digest. You can read more on the digital edition here.

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