Posted: 20/09/2017

Gourmade debuts with ‘no fuss’ ready-meals

GourmadeGourmade is the new manufacturer of premium frozen ready-meals aiming to fill a gap in the market with ‘no fuss’ convenience solutions for the “time-starved consumer”.

The new brand, which debuted its initial range at this year’s Speciality & Fine Food Fair, said the range will provide a “high-quality alternative to meals cooked from scratch at home”.

“Time is a precious commodity to so many people,” said co-founder Joanna Devenish. “We’ve identified that consumers have high expectations but currently their needs are not being met by many of the products in this category.”

Consisting of seven main meals, five sides and three desserts, the range includes traditional recipes such as: mac, cheese & bacon, beef bourguignon, fish pie, and lasagne; as well as posh peas, potato dauphinoise, and sweet potato wedges.

Gourmade will be launching online this Autumn with a range of pack variations for different occasions.

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