Posted: 04/03/2019

Greener Thinking: Getting started…

FFD’s resident trendspotter and zero-waste enthusiast, Nick Baines highlights five things for retailers to consider on the difficult path to sustainable enlightenment.

Improve your recycling

A better understanding of which plastics can be collected kerbside (types 1, 2 & 5) can help identify which ones to avoid. For instance, Tetrapak, which is a mixed material, can only be accepted in 82% of collections. A quick call to your local authority will deliver clear answers. 

Reusable incentives

We all know Waitrose only gives its free coffee to those with a reusable cup, and the incentive for drinks discounts and loyalty points holds real value. Telling your customers that they can bring a wax wrap or a reusable tub to take home their meat or cheese in can help stimulate sales and prompt the purchase of these items in store.

Greener energy

Putting your money into a supplier that invests in renewable energy is perhaps the simplest change you can make. Bulb, Tonik and Ecotricity are a few of your options as alternatives to the Big Six.

Become a collection point

With Walker’s now recycling any and all crisp packets, being a collection point could give customers another reason to visit your business. Through Terracycle, the operation that facilitates this program, you can become a collection point for other difficult to recycle items such as biscuit packets and baby food pouches.  

Food waste

With businesses in the food sector wasting around £5.1 billion of food each year, tackling food waste is a serious business. So whether you’re looking to increase yield and improve your bottom line, or want to contribute to food banks and homeless shelters, your responsibility to food waste has never been greater.

This piece is the first in a series by Nick Baines that will be exploring eco-initiatives and environmentally friendly approaches to retail each month 

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