Posted: 12/05/2015

Gusto unveils Europe’s first organic Fairtrade cola

Gusto ColaOrganic, low calorie and Fairtrade are not adjectives you’d expect to see used about a cola but a new brand, Gusto, is laying claim to all of them.

Said to be the first cola of its kind in Europe, Gusto is made with a blend of botanicals and spices, including real African cola nuts and Fairtrade Madagascan vanilla.

The founder of chocolate brand Green & Black’s, Craig Sams developed the drink, which is sweetened with a combination of organic cane sugar, agave and stevia.

“We’ve developed an organic sweetening blend that creates a classic cola taste free from ingredients that concern our customers and us,” said Sams. “We think that if a drink is called ‘cola’ it should contain cola, so we’ve used real cola nut extract rather than synthetic caffeine.”

Each 355ml can contains 49 calories and has an RRP of £1.19. It is currently available in cases of 12 cans for £8.92+VAT.

The drink is already listed with Ocado and in Whole Foods Market.

Wholesalers include health food specialists Tree of Life and Marigold but Gusto is seeking a distributor for the fine food market.

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