Posted: 26/09/2016

Haughton Honey to come in larger 900g tub

Houghton Honey
Haughton Honey 900g tub and 340g jar

Haughton Honey has launched a new 900g tub that holds the equivalent of two-and-a-half jars of its raw honey.

Larger containers of honey are popular in mainland Europe, but Haughton Honey believes this is the first British brand to be available in this quantity.

“Initial interest from customers in our new, larger pots at recent food and drink festivals has been exceptional,” said founder Crispin Reeves.

Launched in 2014, Haughton Honey expects to pack and sell more than 16,000 kg of raw honey during 2016, as demand for the honey grows.

The new 900g tub will be rolled out to independent delis, farm shops and garden centres across the North West and Midlands, as well as Booths stores.



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