Posted: 09/12/2016

Homebrew academy to open in Northern Ireland

James Huey, Walled City Brewery
James Huey, founder of Walled City Brewery will open Ireland’s first home-brew academy in early 2017

James Huey, founder of Northern Ireland’s Walled City Brewery has set up Ireland’s first home-brew academy in Derry and plans to open the doors in January 2017.

The academy will offer intensive one-day boot camps that cover all aspects of brewing. Each participant will earn a graduation certificate as well as a gallon of their own homebrew.

“The ancient craft of home-brewing is fizzing with popularity,” said Huey. “Kitchens and garages all over the country have bubbling fermentations.”

Huey started this project due to the unprecedented shift in the national beer market, explaining that many consumers are turning away from large, multinational, macro beers, to those from smaller craft breweries.

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