Posted: 16/09/2019

Honey tasting with UK’s honey sommelier, Sarah Wyndham Lewis

Bermondsey Street Bees will open its doors for a one-off event where visitors can go behind the scenes of the London operation, learn more about the art of bee keeping, and take a guided tasting of rare and extraordinary world honeys.

Bermondsey Street Bees

Bermondsey Street Bees is a sustainable beekeeping practice located in the heart of the City, supplying many of London’s top chefs and bartenders. Its ethically produced raw English honeys are spun out by hand, in an entirely traditional way, to preserve all of the delicate flavour and nutritional components.

About this event

This is a rare opportunity to spend a relaxed Saturday morning behind the scenes at Bermondsey Street Bees with its co-founders, Beekeeper Dale Gibson and Honey Sommelier Sarah Wyndham Lewis.

The eight hives on their spectacularly placed home rooftop produce consistently award-winning honeys and you’ll have the opportunity to suit up and meet the calm and happy bees who make it all happen. Back down in the production room, you’ll learn how artisan honey is produced , help to spin honey straight from the comb and pour yourself a jar to take home. Later, Sarah will lead the group through a tutored tasting of some rare and extraordinary world honeys, explaining the fascinatingly interconnected history of bees, plants and human civilization. You’ll never buy supermarket honey again!

As with all the best days, the session will end with delicious drinks – Jensen’s Honey Gin or Hiver Honey Beer, both made using Bermondsey Street Bees’ honey.

Get tickets

Tickets for this event are available through Eventbrite. You can purchase them here.

Useful notes before you book:

– The 4th floor rooftop is reached by stairs and is not suitable for anyone with mobility issues or a fear of heights.

– This event is not suitable for children under 12 years old.

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