Posted: 21/06/2019

Hot sauce retailer channels USA for new range

An online chilli sauce retailer has developed its own brand of fermented hot sauces in the hope of emulating the success of American brands.

Walthamstow-based Saucybitch has its own branded range of five flavours: Hot Stuff (classic), Golden Nugget (honey & mustard), Smokin’ Hot (chipotle), a Special Edition with black coffee, and a Special Edition with pomegranate molasses. 

Each 150ml bottle has an RRP of £5.95 (trade price £3) and retailers can source the range directly from the producer.

The hot sauces are made from chillies that have been fermented for 2-4 weeks with Kosher salt and garlic before they are blended. “It’s very simple, organic, vegan and fermented,” founder Dean Smith told FFD. “It ticks a lot of the 2019 trends boxes.”

With a background in PR and marketing, Smith first set up Saucybitch as an online retailer sourcing hard-to-find artisan American hot sauces, after discovering many small brands (virtually unknown in the UK) in delis in New York and Los Angeles while travelling back and forth to the States for his job.

“In US supermarkets you’ll see a whole aisle dedicated to 30 hot sauce brands in the same way there are a number of mayonnaise and brown sauce brands over here,” said Smith. “But these American delis were stocking small brands local to their area that weren’t even in the supermarkets.”

Smith now hopes to replicate the same success of American hot sauce brands in the UK with his own range, with some of the flavours influenced by food culture on the other side of the Atlantic. 

The Special Edition with black coffee was inspired by a breakfast hot sauce commonly eaten with eggs and served with a black coffee. “I didn’t want to be known as a brand that just makes an extremely hot sauce using ghost peppers,” said Smith. “I wanted to be more experimental and clever with flavours.”

This story appeared in the June issue of Fine Food Digest. You can read more on the digital edition here.

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