Posted: 19/11/2020

How the new UK GI rules differ in Northern Ireland

How the new UK GI rules differ in Northern Ireland

Across the Irish Sea, until the end of the Northern Ireland Protocol (the Protocol), different rules will apply to those affecting mainland Great British producers and retailers. 

The Protocol is the government’s solution to avoiding a hard border with Ireland, and as such the EU protected food name schemes’ rules will remain in force.

The Defra spokesperson said: “Different rules apply for products made and sold in Northern Ireland (NI). For the duration of the Protocol the EU schemes will be the framework for protection there.”

This means that a protected product to be sold in NI must carry the EU logos, regardless of origin, but may also carry the GB logo if it is on sale in mainland Britain as well. 

If a product is made in NI, it is not required to carry the new UK GI logos, even if it is to be sold in mainland Britan. 

Until the end of the Protocol, products originating in NI can be viewed as if they are of EU origin.

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