Posted: 30/08/2016

Indies warned not to handle payment cards

Contactless payment
New figures from the UK Cards Association show 18% of all card purchases are now contactless

The UK Cards Association (UKCA) has told farm shops, delicatessens and other speciality retailers never to take payment cards out of customers’ hands.

The trade body for the card payments industry said ensuring customers retained their cards at all times ensured transparency, eliminated fraud risk, ensured the correct amounts were charged – especially when contactless – and quickened transactions.

The warning came as new figures from the trade body show 18% of all card purchases are now contactless, up from 7% in May 2015.

The latest figures show contactless card payments climbed 247% year on year, bucking the trend of overall card spending growth which is slowing.

The UKCA pointed retailers to its Guide for retailers: Accepting contactless and higher value contactless payments, which states: “The card or device should always stay in the customer’s hand (or on their person in the case of wearables), and both you and the customer should follow the terminal prompts.”

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