Posted: 27/02/2020

Jane Parkinson – My Magic Ingredient

Wine expert Jane Parkinson explains why her kitchen is never without La Chinata’s sweet smoked paprika…

After several trials and many errors and I can confidently testify this sweet smoked paprika is the very best around. 

It has a warmth, smokiness and depth of flavour that is just unparalleled so I use it often and liberally in my kitchen; it’s integral to giving romesco sauce a little added kick, a teaspoonful on top of roasted potatoes is heavenly and that brick-coloured dusting makes them look all the more ‘authentic’ for the kids. 

Even so, it’s most frequently used for my homemade beans: a mirepoix base topped with cannellini and butter beans together with garlic, tinned tomatoes and fresh thyme, all of which totally rely on this brilliant paprika to give the final dish its hallmark smokiness.

And when testing a dish for Saturday Kitchen Live recently, I discovered Marcus Wareing uses paprika in his lentils with baked haddock recipe. It was an inspired and delicious addition. Not that I should have been surprised, paprika really is a spice rack must-have.

Jane bought hers in Bayley & Sage, Northcote Road, London.

This story appeared in the January/February issue of Fine Food Digest. You can read more on the digital edition here.

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