Posted: 18/07/2019

Karyn Noble – My Magic Ingredient

Food & travel journalist Karyn Noble explains why Oliveology’s Wild thyme Honey is her secret weapon in the kitchen.

Ever since my first trip to Greece, I’ve been obsessed with authentic Greek honey and I was so excited to discover Oliveology in Borough Market.

I’m a big fan of their Wild Thyme honey. I have it drizzled on Greek yoghurt for breakfast with walnuts, or over porridge in winter.

If I ever have a sore throat I have a teaspoon of it first thing in the morning and it makes everything better – even if it’s just the aromatic memory of picking herbs among wild goats in Crete.

It’s particularly good on a cheeseboard with brie or Camembert and I regularly pair it with Fen Farm Dairy’s bloomy-rind cheese, Baron Bigod.

I’ll also mix things up as the seasons change and go with Oliveology’s equally good Chestnut Honey in autumn and Orange Blossom in winter, but the Wild Thyme was my first encounter with their honeys and no one forgets their first, do they? 

Karyn bought hers at Oliveology in London’s Borough Market.

This story appeared in the July issue of Fine Food Digest. You can read more on the digital edition here.

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