Posted: 07/03/2019

Keelham’s sibling owners split business as one half plans major expansion

Victoria Robertshaw has secured £8.5m for her Keelham expansion plan

Keelham Farm Shop’s sibling owners have gone their separate ways and divided the Yorkshire business’s retail operation between them.

Victoria Robertshaw has retained Keelham’s name and the branch in Skipton, North Yorkshire. She will now embark on a multi-million pound shop expansion plan.

Meanwhile, her brother James Robertshaw will run the original shop in Thornton, under the new name of Robertshaw’s Farm Shop.

Victoria Robertshaw has secured £8.5m from investor Growth Partner to support her expansion plans, which could see as many as five new branches of Keelham opening across the North.

A spokeswoman for the Robertshaws told FFD that neither sibling retains a stake in the other’s business but the companies were co-operating. 

James goes to weekly cattle auctions and will continue to supply animals for Keelham “as this is the right supply chain model for the business”, the spokeswoman said.

Victoria Robertshaw said: “To have found a like-minded investment partner for Keelham is really important and that’s exactly what we’ve found in Growth Partner. With their support and backing we have a great opportunity to expand our vision for Keelham Farm Shop as a commercial success with a meaningful purpose.” 

She said she had lost count of the times that customers had said they wished they had a Keelham near to them. 

“This investment partnership will help us to take Keelham to hundreds of thousands more people, within and beyond Yorkshire, as well as online where there is really exciting potential for growth.”

This story appeared in the March issue of Fine Food Digest. You can read more on the digital edition here.

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