Posted: 06/11/2019

King Stone moves dairy to give Rollright more room

Rollright-maker King Stone Dairy’s move to Gloucestershire will see it quadruple its capacity

King Stone Dairy is stepping up production of its washed-rind cheese Rollright and plans to make a raw milk Double Gloucester, after moving to a new farm in Gloucestershire.

Previously located in Oxfordshire, the cheesemaker has moved to Chedworth Farm near Cheltenham, where it is building a much larger creamery and investing in new equipment. The organic farm, which has a 250-strong mixed herd of Shorthorn and British Friesian cows, already has a cheesemaking facility that will be used to make raw milk, cloth-bound Double Gloucester from January. The new creamery, which is currently being built, will make King Stone’s pasteurised, washed cheeses Rollright and Evenlode from November. 

Owner David Jowett told FFD that the company had reached capacity at its previous home near Chipping Norton and needed to expand. 

“Chedworth has a larger herd and produces fantastic milk for cheesemaking,” he said. “The herdsman has been here 15 years and has done a lot in terms of herbal leys and deep-rooted plants in the pastures, which means great aromatics in the milk.” 

The move will quadruple capacity to 100 tonnes a year, helped by new 1,000-litre tipping vats, which mechanically channel the curd into the moulds.  “It will be more efficient, but also a big step up in quality because the cheeses are moulded at the exact right time in terms of acidity and moisture,” said Jowett.

Cheesemakers Neil Robinson and Dominique Lizé-Beaulieu, who were making batches of Double Gloucester at Chedworth last year, are now trialling their recipe with other cheesemakers

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